Saturday, September 27, 2014

Antelope Island

I love Antelope Island and would really like to visit it sometime when it isn't snowing or the "biting insects" that the rest of us call mosquitoes are not issues. Is it one or the other? I'm sure that isn't true but I had hoped that late September would mean less bugs and no snow. The later wish came true - it was warm and balmy but the bloodsuckers were out in force. Swarms that materialized and zeroed in as soon as you dared step out of your car.

We discovered that the wonderful screens installed in our T@B actually have gaps around the edges and anything that is as big as a - yep, you guessed it - a mosquito can get in easily. This means, of course, that everything smaller has no problem whatsoever. We had been so smug.

It was too bad because Antelope Island is worth exploring.

Whether its the Buffalo or the birds or the wildflowers - its a great campground. Biking would be great - as long as you have some protection from the bugs.

Last time I was on Antelope it was March and supposed to be in the 60s. We got half a foot of snow instead. I think I'd take the snow over the hovering swarms of mosquitoes...

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