Saturday, July 1, 2017

Klaloch in June

June is turning out to be a great camping month in Washington State.
When I first moved up here from California, I was continually caught unprepared for the rainy cool days of June and there was no way you could count on good weather for long holiday weekends like Memorial Day or Fourth of July. And the coast? Forget about it - unless you had a warm, dry trailer to hang out in.

Heck that was often true in August.

Two years in a row, I've made the trek over to the Olympic coast in June for camping - and the weather has been fantastic.

The thing with camping at Klaloch in Olympic National Park is that you have to make your reservations 6 months in advance and even then it's near impossible to get one of the campsites that back up to the beach.

It's worth the hassle.

The other factor to note for June in Washington is that there are very low daytime tides later in the month.

Ruby Beach is a wonder to be explored at low tide.


 And it was nice to see some ocher sea stars among the rocks

And then there was the Hoh rainforest...

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