Why a Blog

Blogs are almost old-school now in this day of social media, Tik Tok, vlogs, and Instagram; and yet, I like to write. Andy likes to take pictures. We both like to explore and meander along trails, flow with the currents, kayak in quiet bays and find the local coffee bar. We tend to make notes and muse over what we see out in the world - so keeping to this blog format helps us do that.

As boaters, we try to keep logs of our trips with varied level of success. That task usually falls to me but over the past few years writing about travel or vacations has been difficult - because we weren't going that far out our door. COVID kept us walking the forest trails near are home - and that has always been one of our favorite things to do. We were lucky.

To be honest, we are very blessed to be able to travel the way we do. We are both grateful for the opportunities that have come our way. We hope you might find some of our insights interesting and you might also want to chime with things you've found. We'll update things as we can, but the main purpose of this blog is to track the signposts, the interesting little tidbits that we have found and share some of our musings here.

Unwin Lake - Desolation Sound Marine Park, BC, Canada

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